I have this scrapbooking community that I frequently visit (ok maybe more than frequently), DigitalScrapbookPlace.com.  And this month, our community is having their first month-long event focusing on Heritage and Genealogy.  I have been ultra-excited about this because I’ve always wanted to know more about my family, but never really tried to do much about that – until now.

Since Friday night, I have spent hours trying to find information about my family, and each time I find a little piece of  the puzzle, it fuels me on to find more pieces of this puzzle.  I hunt and I search and I dig, and then squeal in joy whenever I find something.  It’s like solving a mystery – and there is a real sense of accomplishment in that.

But it made me stop and think.  If I am willing to put that much time and effort into finding about my earthly family, which is (or was) here temporarily, shouldn’t I put as much effort into finding out more about my heavenly family, which will be forever?  Yet, when it comes to studying God‘s Word or finding out more about His family – I tend to push that aside.  Oh, I have my daily time, but anything more I am “too busy” for many times.  Why is this?  Why am I so willing to find out who I am as a person, but not willing to do so when it comes to my spiritual life?

Perhaps this stems from being afraid that if I get to know myself better spiritually, and I get to know God better, I might not like what I find out about myself.  I might find out that I can’t measure up.  But isn’t that the point?  That I can’t measure up on my own?  That the only way I can truly succeed is to let go, and let God take control?

I have had people ask me how it is that I can believe in God and that the only way to heaven is through His Son.  It’s hard for me to put that into words sometimes because it’s so incredibly personal.  I have seen God work in my life.  I have seen things happen in my life that I had nothing to do with and could not have worked it out on my own for anything.  I have seen the impossible become possible.  But perhaps the biggest reason I am a Christian and believe as I do is because the true Christian faith is the ONLY faith that I have found that does not require me to be “good enough.”   I have not yet found another religion that doesn’t have a list of requirements I need to meet in order to get to heaven.  How do I know when I’ve been good enough?

My faith in God stems not from any works I could do, but through faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  He died for me.  It’s simple as that.  I could  never be good enough to pay the price myself – sacrifice requires a spotless lamb – and I am definitely not spotless.  He paid the price, so that I would not have to.  Does that mean I get to do whatever I want?  No – but it does mean that I am forgiven and that my debt has been paid.

But even knowing that, I still often neglect the study of God’s Word.  I wonder what would happen in my life if I chose to put as much effort and time into studying God’s Word, as I have into finding out about my past.  I wonder if I would see more positive outcomes.  I wonder if I would have a great impact on those around me.  I wonder if anyone would be able to see the difference.

Can they see the difference now?  I don’ t know – maybe sometimes.  But I have a long way to go, and life is not guaranteed.  I need to seize the day and redeem my time – and get to know my Savior better.

Until Next Time,


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