Moving Away From The Mundane

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Change, Christianity, Decisions, Encouragement, Growth, Miscellaneous, Thoughts

Today’s sermon was about change.  I really think that God is trying to tell me something because everything seems to be pointing in that direction.  There is a lot going on in my life right now, some good, some no-so-good, and everywhere in between.  Ultimately, I think God has been preparing me to be able to accept something that, I’m pretty certain, I didn’t really want to hear.

Traditionally, I’m not real big on change.  I am the person who eats the same thing every morning for breakfast (with some SLIGHT variation – specifically in regard to flavor), takes the same thing to work every day for lunch, and then each week, we have pretty much the same thing for dinner.  Doing that is easy for me.  It makes my life simple, and I don’t have to do a lot of thinking about it because I don’t vary from my routine very often.  But, the reality is, it’s boring, bland, in short – it’s mundane.

If you had asked me when I was a kid if my life was going to be boring, I would have said no way.  I had big plans.  I was going to change the world.  I was a dreamer.  I’m still a dreamer.  I dream about all the things I’m going to do – SOMEDAY.  When does “someday” become “TODAY”?  I am still dreaming about writing that book and getting published.  I am still dreaming about traveling.  I am still dreaming about doing something big for God.  And dreaming isn’t bad.  But eventually all that dreaming needs to result in some action.  And if it doesn’t, then what’s the point?

I think God is telling me, it’s time to “grow up” and do something.  Currently, I’m going through the book Healing is a Choice by Stephen Arterburn.  I’m reading it so that I can actually write a review about it, but it’s taking me a little bit to get through it.  In this book, Stephen goes into the 10 decisions we can make that will help us heal and 10 lies that we tend to listen to that keep us from healing.  So far, I’m loving the book.  It’s really making me look at my life and realize that maybe everything is not as good as I am pretending it is.  Life hurts.  Change hurts.  And some of my hurts are apparently still very prevalent in my life, and I didn’t even know it – or maybe I did, and just didn’t want to admit it.  Anyway, one thing that Stephen mentions in this book is that in order to heal, we need to choose to connect.  That’s a tough one because that means I now have to be willing to put myself out there and risk getting hurt.  Anyone who knows me well knows I don’t tend to take risks.

Then today at church, Pastor Ken talked about how we can’t change on our own.  It just cemented in me some of the things I was already coming to understand.  I came home today and talked with my 15 year old about the sermon.  She and I had a good discussion – well actually I think she listened while I rambled on and on about it – but to give her credit, she did listen and she didn’t try to stop me from talking.  🙂  I feel God telling me it’s time to start taking some risks.

Things are changing in my life, whether I am ready for them to change or not.  My daughters only have a few years left before they graduate and start moving on with their lives – am I really going to wait for them to grow up before I begin to live?  Or am I going to demonstrate to them what living REALLY is?  My job is changing.  My role is moving toward something that I have wanted for so long – to a place I have worked so hard to get to.  My world is changing.  My kids don’t need me as much as they used to – at least not in the sense of they need me to meet their every waking need.  They still need me as a mom and a role model – but they are beginning to make their own decisions and have their own preferences.  Life is CHANGING!  Am I going to sit here and wait for the changes to happen, or am I going to prepare myself to meet the challenges that I face?

As of today, I choose to embrace the changes that I am facing.  I choose to get out there and start to make connections – whatever that looks like.  I choose to make positive changes in my life – to take care of my body.  I choose to put myself out there.  I choose to LIVE and I choose to CHANGE and to HEAL.  I choose to move away from the mundane and toward the exciting future that God has in store for me.

Until Next Time,


  1. Thanks for sharing, I know I am about in the same place. I can’t believe my schooling is almost over and I will be starting a profession (What is that about … LOL)

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