Mid-Week Strength Builder

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Christianity, Encouragement, Miscellaneous

For the first year I lived in Florida, I attended Wednesday evening mid-week service at our church.  I found it refreshing after 6+ years of not having a mid-week service to attend, as our church did not do a mid-week service.  I had grown up attending mid-week service, but I thought of it as a “fun version” of church, not a chance to recharge.  I never realized I missed this mid-week service, until I had that option again.  I loved attending mid-week services.

When I moved last year, I stopped attending most Wednesday evenings, mostly due to the time-frame I had to get my kids and get back there, along with the increase in gas prices, etc.  I’m sure if I had sat down, I probably could have figured out a way to attend, but I got lazy.

I recently moved closer to our church, which has made the drive easier and much quicker.  So, I have started attending mid-week service again.  Now, I kept saying I wanted to attend, but so far, these first 2 weeks, I have found myself coming up with excuses as to why I should stay home.  “I’m too tired.”  “I can always go next week.” “I just want to go home and relax.”  “I have that newsletter to get out.”  You name it, and I probably said it.  Now – I hope you noticed that I said I started attending.  I caught myself making these excuses, and I recognized it for what it was – Satan trying to keep me away from these services.

I don’t need Satan’s help coming up with excuses.  I’m good at that all by myself.  But I seriously believe that he had a hand in putting those excuses in my head.  Thankfully, the Lord didn’t let go that easily, and so, off to church I went.  Both weeks have been such a blessing to me.  I have realized anew, just how much that mid-week service helps me to stay on track with God.  Last week, we prayed through the whole service in preparation for the National Day of Prayer the next day, May 5.  I cannot begin to tell you how much calmer I was when I left that service.

And tonight, Pastor spoke about the fact that when we choose to live godly lives, we will suffer persecution.  I left challenged, but again blessed.  Tonight, we broke up into prayer groups.  This is a most uncomfortable thing for me, as (and those who know me will probably laugh) I’m pretty shy.  This nice, elderly gentleman behind me, went out of his way, joined me in the pew I was in, and prayed with me.  That was a blessing to me.  I didn’t have to do a thing – and he took my name, so he could remember me, and that just made my whole night.  It’s easy to get lost in the crowd in a large church, so to be singled out and sought out, felt pretty special.

I will never forget Bob – because he made a decision to do something kind, with no thought of getting anything in return.  In fact, I probably will never have the opportunity to “repay” his kindness, as he doesn’t even live in this area.  He comes to this church when he’s in town on business, so I may never see him again, but that one instance of kindness touched my life.

So, I hope next week when it comes time for mid-week service, I don’t find myself trying to make excuses again.  I hope I remember that attending this mid-week service helps me to keep my spiritual strength up.  I hope I remember how this service bolsters my faith, and helps me to keep moving on.

Thank you, Lord, for providing just what we need – at the most opportune time.

Until Next Time,


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