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So, I just had a full weekend.  It was filled with fun and fellowship.  God has richly blessed me here in the state of Florida.  Yesterday was our Missions Fair at church.  It is a neat time where we get to go around to different booths and learn about the various ministries that our church supports and/or is involved with in some respect.  I find this very exciting because there are so many ministries that I am not even aware of, and it is always good to know what ministries there are.

I saw some of the same ministries that had been set up last year, and fully expected to just get more of the same.  However, God had other things in store for me yesterday.  For instance, I got to meet a representative from the “Voice of the Martyrs” ministry.  WOW – this is a really neat ministry that ministers to the persecuted church and those who have been persecuted and even imprisoned for their faith.  The lady who was representing this ministry shared a little bit of her story with me when I mentioned that I was part of the leadership team for our Single Moms Ministry.   As it turned out, she herself was a single mom.  In her search to find a ministry where she fit and where she found God’s calling to her, she found Voice of the Martyrs.  She started out praying for the imprisoned Christians and writing to some of them.  Then last year, she got more involved by becoming a representative for the ministry.  That was an awesome story to hear, and encouraging for this single mom, who has at times in the past wondered if there was a ministry where she would fit.

I also go to talk to a gentleman who was representing the Urban Impact ministry.  That was interesting, too!  He has worked with this ministry for about 25 years, and is currently serving in New York City, working with immigrants who have come over from various countries, but specifically from those countries where the Gospel is not allowed to be shared openly.  The ministry assists these immigrants with English as a Second Language classes, working with the kids, etc.  It was pretty amazing to hear what God is doing here in our own country.

Finally, I stopped by the table of a missionary I met last year, who is planning on going to France in the near future.  I met her at this same event last year, and it was her encouragement and her prayer for me, that helped me to get the courage to step out and find a way to serve as well.  While I was talking to her, she introduced me to a fellow missionary, Heather, who will be returning to Argentina soon.  Heather shared with me about a friend of hers who is going through a difficult time right now, dealing with a lot of the same issues that I have had to work through.  Then she asked me the question that floored me.  She asked me if I would be willing to talk to her friend, since Heather is returning Argentina soon, and she did not want to leave her friend without a support system even though currently she is in a completely different state.  I was floored because I didn’t go to this Mission Fair to find a ministry to fit into because I already have a ministry that I feel God has called me to.  But somehow, I found myself giving Heather my phone and email, so her friend could contact me.  I can’t help but feel that maybe God has something more for me.  I was content with my little plans – I never really thought that there was more for me, but perhaps God can use me to help this girl – and maybe others.

That’s the point isn’t it?  Ministry isn’t about picking one spot and never moving from that spot.  For some people, that may be what God calls them to do, but He doesn’t do that for everyone.  Whether we are called to stay put in one spot, or called to go to another country, no matter the place we are called to serve, the one thing that is consistent is that we are to grow.  We are called to growth.  For me, that might mean stepping out of my comfort zone even more, and talking to a complete stranger and maybe helping her in some way. I don’t know what that looks like right now, but I’m praying that God will show me what He wants me to do.

What about you?  Have you found your calling?  Are you being called to minister somewhere and maybe you are resisting?  Or are you not sure what God wants you to do?  I encourage you to seek God’s will.  He will lead you if you ask Him to.

Until Next Time!


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