Ordinary People

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Christianity, Encouragement, Thoughts

This morning I was reading Matthew 10:1-4, where it tells us who the 12 disciples were.  This passage explains in verse 1 that these 12 disciples were given authority to cast out demons, heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness.  Verses 2-4 go through who each person was.  What struck me the most about these few short verses was the emphasis on who some of these disciples were.  We are given a glimpse of the lives of many of these men.

1) Simon – He is the brother of Andrew.   Jesus called him Peter, the rock.  He said in Matthew 6:18:

I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it. (NASB)

Those are high words of praise from our Savior and Messiah.  Jesus as much as tells Peter that he will build His    church.  Yet, just ten chapters later, he denies our Savior three times, as Jesus has also foretold.

2) James and John – the sons of Zebedee.  They are called the sons of Thunder.  They asked Jesus if they could have the right to sit on Jesus’ right and left hands.

3) Philip – We later see him in Acts when he brings the Ethiopian Eunuch to a saving knowledge of the Lord.

4) Bartholemew – Who we also know as Nathaniel.  Jesus said to him in John 1:47:

Jesus saw Nathanael coming to Him, and said of him, “Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom there is no deceit! (NASB)

This is high praise coming from our Savior.

5) Thomas – We often refer to him as “Doubting Thomas”.

6) Matthew – a tax collector.  His kind was often considered unclean and undesirable.  They were hated by all.

7) Simon the Zealot – According to Dictionary.com a Zealot was:

a member of a radical, warlike, ardently patriotic group of Jews in Judea, particularly prominent from a.d. 69 to 81, advocating the violent overthrow of Roman rule and vigorously resisting the efforts of the Romans and their supporters to heathenize the Jews.

8 ) Judas Iscariot – The man who betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

Interesting choice of companions that Jesus chose, right?  I’m sure that there was more to be shared about the three I didn’t list above, Andrew, Thaddeus, and  James the son of Alphaeus, but I am not as familiar with those men.

Seeing the list of all of the men that Jesus picked, I am struck by the fact that He selected the ordinary, the fanatical, the sinful, the unclean and His betrayer to be His closest companions.  He lived with these men, ate with them, loved them.  That gives me hope and encouragement because I am no different.  I have been that ordinary, sinful, unclean, betrayer.  I have failed so many times, but God takes those failures, and He makes them beautiful – He turns them for good.  What an encouragement to know that even though I am no more special than anyone else, God can use me to fulfill His glory.

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  1. It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

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